The Veganomicon Project


Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison


Snacks, Appetizers, Little Meals, Dips and Spreads

1. Spicy tempeh nori rolls
2. Grilled yuca tortillas
3. Butternut squash and pumpkin seed rice paper rolls
4. Broccoli-millet croquettes
5. Greek-style tomato-zucchini fritters with fresh herbs
6. Autumn latkes
7. Potato latkes
8. Acorn squash and black bean empanadas
9. Panko-stuffed mushrooms
10. Buckwheat blini
11. Everyday chipotle-vegetable tamales
12. Samosa stuffed baked potatoes
13. Creole stuffed peppers
14. Curried carrot dip
15. White bean aioli
16. Chestnut-lentil pate
17. Creamy kalamata spread
18. Walnut-mushroom pate
19. Sun-dried tomato dip
20. Sweet basil pesto tapenade
21. Mediterranean-style cashew cucumber dip
22. Asparagus-spinach dip
23. A hummus recipe
24. Lower-fat cauliflower hummus
25. Guacamole

26. Diner home fries
27. Tofu florentine
28. Mushroom and spinach strata
29. Blue flannel hash
30. Greek tofu benedict
31. Chocolate chip brownie waffles
32. Banana-nut waffles
33. Blueberry corn pancakes
34. Crepes: savory and sweet, buckwheat or wheat
35. Potato-mushroom blintzes

Salads and dressings
36. Caesar salad with roasted garlic croutons
37. Corn and edamame-sesame salad
38. Jicama-watercress-avocado salad with spicy citrus vinaigrette
39. Quinoa salad with black beans and mango
40. Lentil salad
41. Bulgur, arugula, and cannellini salad
42. Pear and endive salad with maple candied pecans
43. Roasted fennel and hazelnut salad with shallot dressing
44. Portobello salad with spicy mustard dressing
45. Autumn root salad with warm maple-fig dressing
46. Shredded parsnip and beet salad in pineapple vinaigrette
47. Creamy asian pear and tempeh salad with wasabi dressing
48. Prospect park potato salad
49. Brooklyn deli macaroni salad
50. Silken mayo dressing
51. Maple-mustard dressing
52. Miso tahini dressing
53. Mediterranean olive oil and lemon vinaigrette
54. Sesame dressing
55. Raspberry-lime vinaigrette

56. Baja-style grilled tempeh tacos
57. Black bean burgers
58. Snobby joes
59. Beanball sub
60. Chile cornmeal crusted tofu po’boy
61. Roasted eggplant and spinach muffuletta sandwich
62. Vietnamese seitan baguette with savory broth dip
63. BBQ seitan and crispy coleslaw sandwich

Mix and match
64. Baby bok choy with crispy shallots and sesame seeds
65. Sauteed collards
66. Sauteed spinach and tomatoes
67. Escarole with capers and white beans
68. Cornmeal-masala roasted brussels sprouts
69. Herb scalloped potatoes
70. Lemony roasted potatoes
71. Mashed potatoes with variations
72. Rutabaga puree
73. Mashed spiced sweet potatoes
74. Roasted butternut squash with coriander seeds
75. Roasted portobellos
76. Easy stir-fried leafy greens
77. Broccoli polenta
78. Soft poppy-seed polenta
79. Chickpea-quinoa pilaf
80. Fresh dill-basmati rice with chard and chickpeas
81. Israeli couscous with pistachios and apricots
82. Tomato couscous with capers
83. Mexican millet
84. Messy rice
85. Saffron-garlic rice
86. Rustic white beans and mushrooms
87. Mediterranean-style baked lima beans
88. Black beans in chipotle adobo sauce
89. Cheater baked beans
90. Tamarind lentils
91. Chickpeas romesco
92. Chile cornmeal-crusted tofu
93. Basic broiled tofu
94. Tangerine baked tofu
95. Curried tofu
96. Baked BBQ tofu
97. Marinated italian tofu
98. Marinated asian tofu
99. Hot sauce-glazed tempeh
100. Smoky grilled tempeh
101. Simple seitan
102. Seitan cutlets
103. Chickpea cutlets

104. Black bean-vegetable soup
105. Acorn squash, pear, and adzuki soup with sauteed shitakes
106. Tomato-rice soup with roasted garlic and navy beans
107. Ancho-lentil soup with grilled pineapple
108. Broccoli-potato soup with fresh herbs
109. Chickpea-noodle soup
110. Porcini-wild rice soup
111. Double pea soup with roasted red peppers
112. French lentil soup with tarragon and thyme
113. Gazborscht
114. Homemade vegetable broth
115. Hot and sour soup with wood ears and napa cabbage
116. Midsummer corn chowder with basil, tomato, and fennel
117. Fresh corn stock
118. Roasted yellow pepper and corn bisque
119. Baked potato and greens soup with potato-wedge croutons
120. Spicy peanut and eggplant soup
121. Creamy tomato soup
122. Smoky red peppers ‘n’ beans gumbo

123. Spinach-noodle kugel
124. Southwestern corn pudding
125. Caramelized onion-butternut roast with chestnuts
126. Asparagus quiche with tomatoes and tarragon
127. Eggplant rollatini with spinach and toasted pine nuts
128. Sweet potato-pear tzimmes with pecans and raisins
129. Mole skillet pie with greens
130. Jamaican yuca shepherd’s pie with sweet potato, kidney beans, and plantains
131. Almost all-american seitan potpie
132. Cauliflower and mushroom potpie with black olive crust
133. Potato and kale enchiladas with roasted chile sauce
134. Eggplant-potato moussaka with pine nut cream
135. Kasha phyllo pie
136. Tempeh shepherdess pie
One-pot meals and stove-top specialties
137. Seitanic red and white bean jambalaya
138. Manzana chili verde
139. Leek and bean cassoulet with biscuits
140. Seitan piccata with olives and green beans
141. BBQ black-eyed pea-collard rolls
142. Pineapple-cashew-quinoa stir-fry
143. Lentils and rice with caramelized onions and spiced pita crisps
144. Spiced pita crisps
145. Spaghetti squash mexicana with tropical avocado salsa fresca
146. Tomato and roasted eggplant stew with chickpeas
147. Kabocha-udon winter stew
148. Braised seitan with brussels, kale, and sun-dried tomatoes
149. Cholent
150. Plantain and pinto stew with parsnip chips
151. Parsnip chips
152. Pumpkin saag
153. Vegetables or seitan simmered in mole sauce
154. Sweet squash in mole sauce
155. Seitan in mole sauce
156. Red lentil-cauliflower curry
157. Sauteed seitan with mushrooms and spinach

Pasta, noodles, and risotto
158. Spaghetti and beanballs
159. Spicy tempeh and broccoli rabe with rotelle
160. Spinach linguine with basil-cilantro pesto and artichokes
161. Pasta della california
162. Penne vodka
163. Pasta e fagioli
164. Pumpkin baked ziti with caramelized onions and sage crumb topping
165. Mac daddy
166. Lasagna marinara with spinach
167. Asparagus and lemongrass risotto
168. Green pea and lemon risotto with roasted red peppers
169. Curried udon noodle stir-fry
170. Udon with shitake mushrooms and kale in miso broth

Sauces and fillings
171. Mustard sauce
172. Red wine roux
173. Marinara sauce and variations
174. Tofu ricotta
175. Cashew ricotta
176. Almesan
177. Backyard BBQ sauce
178. Apricot BBQ sauce
179. Horseradish-dill sour cream
180. Sour cilantro cream
181. Salsa verde
182. Green pumpkin-seed mole
183. Chile-chocolate mole
184. Mushroom gravy
185. 5-minute mango chutney
186. Spiced yogurt sauce
187. Tropical avocado salsa fresca
188. Cranberry-chile dipping sauce
189. Holiday cranberry sauce
190. Basil-cilantro pesto
191. Cheezy sauce
192. Dill-tahini sauce
193. Citrus-date-sesame sauce
194. Jalapeno-corn gravy
195. Sweet vidalia onion sauce

Breads, muffins, and scones
196. Home-style potato rolls
197. Whole wheat soda bread with millet and currants
198. Fresh rosemary focaccia
199. Poppy seed-cornmeal roti
200. Scallion flatbread
201. Skillet corn bread
202. Banana-date scones
203. Pumpkin-cranberry scones
204. Banana-wheat germ muffins
205. Carrot-pineapple sunshine muffins
206. Almond-quinoa muffins
207. Cranberry-orange-nut bread
208. Lower-fat banana bread
209. Applesauce-oat bran muffins
210. Maple and brown sugar pinwheels

Cookies and bars
211. Pistachio-rose water cookies
212. Chewy chocolate-raspberry cookies
213. Fig smushed-anise-almond cookies
214. Terry’s favorite almond cookie
215. Chocolate-chocolate-chip-walnut cookies
216. Wheat-free chocolate chip cookies
217. Peanut-ginger-sesame cookies
218. Rumnog pecan cookies
219. Chewy oatmeal-raisin cookies
220. Almond-anise biscotti
221. Chocolate-hazelnut biscotti
222. Apple-peanut butter-caramel bars
223. Fudgy wudgy blueberry brownies
224. Lemon bars

225. Tea-poached pears in chocolate sauce
226. Strawberry-rose water cobbler with lemon-poppy seed pastry
227. Berry coconut crisp
228. Strawberry-plum crisp
229. Individual heart-shaped apple galettes
230. Mango pear pandowdy
231. Banana-chocolate chip bread pudding
232. Caramel-apple-spice cupcakes
233. Jelly donut cupcakes
234. Vanilla-yogurt pound cake
235. Pumpkin crumb cake with pecan streusel
236. Coconut-lemon bundt cake
237. Lower-fat deep chocolate bundt cake
238. Smlove pie
239. Lost coconut custard pie
240. Crumb crust
241. Vanilla ice cream
242. Basic single pastry crust
243. Not-tella



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