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Chocolate-Chip Brownie Waffles

Ever wake up first thing in the mornings and just really need a quick chocolate fix ? Yeah. Me too. Well, i think this might just be the recipe that finally satisfies that early morning craving. The Chocolate-Chip Brownie Waffles … Continue reading

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Epic Waffleness

So today is the 24th of August. Some of you readers may know of this day as just another Tuesday out of the year, but others know of it as National Waffle Day!! This “holiday” is the day in history … Continue reading

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Sammiches! Om Nom Nom….

Ah sandwiches. Whether it is a simple peanut butter and jelly or a clever mix of your refrigerator leftovers, sandwiches may be one of the greatest inventions since the slice bread that makes up its outer layers. So before work … Continue reading

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