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Review: Gardein- Tuscan Breasts

Being vegan, I am asked all the time “Dude! Don’t you ever miss meat?”. And I’m kind of surprised myself that I don’t. The reason I gave up on the stuff in the first place was because I liked it … Continue reading

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VQ: Where do you get your protein?

When it comes to being vegan, the question just about everyone is asked is “Where do you get your protein?”. I mean seriously. The world thinks of us as tree-huggin weirdos who eat nothing but salad. But its just a … Continue reading

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Vegan Question # 1 : Why go vegan?

Now being only a few months new to veganism, I know it can be hard. When I first started out, all I ate was salads and peanut butter. But the vegan community can be a very blessing thing. I went … Continue reading

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I bet i know what all you vegan and vegetarians are thinking: Finally! A protein article from this guy! With a stable healthy diet, protein may be one of the most essential nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. But … Continue reading

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SuperFoodz #1- Quinoa

I have noticed that I have been very general in my posts lately, but I have never given any posts about a single food with what one might call “Superpowers”. So starting today, we will have a once-in-a-while thing known … Continue reading

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