Food Allergy Challenge

Food allergies are not the funnest of things. When born with them, you never get to experience some of the foods that most of us would consider a part of our childhood. I couldn’t even imagine if I was allergic to nuts, with my peanut and almond butter addiction.

When you find yourself allergic to food, what is happening is your body mistaking the compounds of the food (most commonly, the proteins) in what you eat as something harmful instead of nutritious. It doesn’t break down or digest and sometimes causes auto immune reactions like swelling and rashes, or even inability to breathe.

I am very lucky to only have the pollen allergy everyone seems to get, but my dear friend Bryce is a whole different story. He has quite a bit to work with as far as his diet goes and he hasn’t always been able to enjoy some of the things most kids do. So that’s where I need you guys to come in.

Please comment with a recipe or a link to one that fits his dietary needs. Be creative with it, and have fun with it guys. This post is for his parents, who are some of the best and nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting . Anything from a full on recipe to some grocery tips for Bryce. And remember, he’s a kid so he’ll probably enjoy an allergy free mac n cheeze better than some fancy five-star dish.

Here are his allergies:

-Sesame seeds

And please pass this post around. I’m not asking this so I can get more hits on this site. This post is dedicated to Bryce so that he can enjoy the deliciousness of awesome, flavorful food just like anyone else. ‘

Thank you everyone for your support

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-

1 thought on “Food Allergy Challenge

  1. Follow my recipe for Chocolate Butternut Squash Pudding but use rice milk instead of soy! Top with bananas, brown rice cereal and RAINBOW SPRINKLES!

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