Vanilla Yogurt Pound Cake

Traditional pound cakes get their name from the pound of eggs, pound of sugar, pound of flour, and pound of butter thrown into them. Just a slice of this deadly concoction may cost you your life. Luckily, veganism to the rescue!!

The Vanilla Yogurt Pound  Cake(pg. 254)  doesn’t have a pound of anything that i know of, and uses a bunch of yogurt to fill in for those eggs. You also throw in quite a bit of tofu and soy milk into the mix for more soy creamy goodness

It also smells amazing. Vanilla and citrus zest kind of blend together into a beautiful aroma that just fills the whole kitchen. This tastes a lot like a traditional pound cake too, but is a bit more moist and flavorful. Plus if you sub the oil for applesauce, you have yourself a fat free alternative and can feel great about going for seconds!

I topped mine with yogurt and oranges !

What do you put on your pound cake, or do you prefer it by itself?

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Not-A-Pound Cake Eating Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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