Vegan Food Pyramid

Now everyone is aware of that classic food pyramid. You know. The one the USDA seems to change every 10 or so years as they try to tell us what to eat. Maybe they’re trying to fit with what our culture needs as each generation stuffs more and more grease and fat into their mouths. Or maybe they themselves has no idea how to make up their minds, so they change the rules to what they think is right at the time.

Who knows?

But we all remember that bland black and white pyramid that they showed us in health class. Remember? You learned about it right after the reproductive system.

Food Pyramid


Yeah. Um….black and white and completely BORING!!! Plus, are they really showing a donut in the bread section?(lower right corner). And ice cream as your dairy? Dude…what the heck?

Alright, so this thing changes every couple of years, but they keep it pretty consistent besides a few minor things.

Here’s their 2010 version.

A little better, but still a lot of things in there i wouldn’t touch. And though i can kind of guess what the thin yellow strip is, they didn’t really label it. And what about water? Don’t i need that too?

But recently i found a food pyramid i actually agree with! Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you….*drumroll*

The Vegan Food Pyramid!!

Vegan Food Pyramid

This thing has apparently been floating around on the internet  for some time, but i found out about it recently through a post on Earth Balance’s blog. Well, i can’t exactly sum up what they have to say about it so click the picture to be sent to their post.

But i absolutley agree with this new and improved pyramid. I know cupcakes and cookies take up a large part of my diet and coffee is my main liquid source, so maybe I should start listening to this thing. After all. I won’t have this teenage metabolism forever!

What are your thoughts on the food pyramid?

Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-



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