Chocolate-Chip Brownie Waffles

Ever wake up first thing in the mornings and just really need a quick chocolate fix ? Yeah. Me too. Well, i think this might just be the recipe that finally satisfies that early morning craving.

The Chocolate-Chip Brownie Waffles (pg. 74) are absolutely delicious! They don’t taste much like brownies,  but they do taste like chocolate. They were  easy to make and came out with a moist inside, but crunchy outside.

I”m not the type to drown my breakfast in maple syrup. I prefer to taste the waffle itself. But this recipe wasn’t very sweet, so maybe 1/3 cup of maple in the batter itself wouldn’t hurt.

The recipe makes quite a few of them (about 15), so it could be a relatively easy Sunday brunch idea for feeding a crowd. It can also be easily doubled or cut in half without much difficulty.

I actually ended up with a lot of leftovers, so the next day I topped them with Vanilla Ice Cream! This and a cup of coffee made an awesome dessert!

What are your favorite waffle toppings?

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-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


3 thoughts on “Chocolate-Chip Brownie Waffles

  1. I really need a waffle maker…I always see that recipe and think how delicious they sound. Especially served with vanilla ice cream for a special dessert!

  2. Awesome. I’m enjoying watching you document the Veganomicon (what a cool–and huge–project!). Keep ’em coming!

  3. Peanut putter and strawberry jam with a little bit of maple syrup. That’s what I like on my waffles.

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