Mac Daddy

Everyone has their own variation of that classic dish they had when they had as a kid. Macaroni may be one of my favorites and can be so much fun to add your own personal touches. Veganomicon, however, kind of did their own thing to the curved noodle tubes and didn’t do a half bad job either.

Mac Daddy (pg. 195) may be one of my favorite dishes so far, if only for the reason that it reminds me one when i was younger. I don’t care how old you get. Mac n’ Cheeze will always be a part of my culinary heart.

But this dish was really easy too. Especially if you already have the cheezey sauce made! You just boil the noodles, crumble some tofu in a baking dish, mix it together with your sauce then throw it in the oven.

The sauce is very flavorful and simple, but i think my favorite part is the tofu. It kind of adds a “ricotta” feel to it that brings the whole dish together. I think it would be even better if a bit of seitan was mixed in, but its not the kind of dish i would ever serve to an omnivore. The sauce tastes too much like nutritional yeast for their poor unveganized tastebuds. But i would absolutely make it for myself next time i’m in the mood for something relatively quick and tasty.

What is your favorite mac n’ cheeze recipe? Links are welcomed!

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Seitan-Experimenting Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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Being a relatively new vegan, i am always on the search for new skills, foods, and adventures. So join me on the journey through life as we find new ways to make simple, healthy ingredients taste amazing! I'm a teenager, vegan, and loving it!
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