Low Fat Deep Chocolate Bundt Cake

Yes, you are reading the title of this post right. A chocolatey cake that is low in fat. How can it be? How is it so? It sounds like some weird diet food that will taste like artificial sweeteners and dirt. Well my dear readers…..it is far from such a tasteless dessert.

The Lower-Fat Deep Chocolate Bundt Cake (pg. 256) was incredibly good! I was very impressed with it. I even went all the way and substituted the all-purpose flour for white whole wheat and doubled the applesauce instead of any oil. Even with healthiness at full blast, this stuff was really good.

The only liquid here is applesauce and coffee, and the caffine kick did really well as far as enhancing that chocolatey flavor. The cake itself was soft, moist, and incredibly chocolatey. I think the coffee got a bit bitter after the cake cooled, so i would serve it immediately.  But my parents and little brothers seemed to like it just fine, even as leftovers.

I also served it with a bit of Vanilla Ice Cream and a cup of coffee to complete this delicious dessert!

Do you prefer your cake with ice cream and coffee, or by itself?

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Seitan-Experimenting Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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