Basic Broiled Tofu

Oh how this white bean curd always seems to surprise me. I’ve sauteed it, marinated it, baked it and even blended it. But broiled it? This one’s new….

The Broiled Tofu (pg 126) is actually very simple. You just add some water, soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice, and oil to tofu and broil it for less than 15 minutes! That easy….

I like the bit of acidity from the lemon juice, but it could still use a bit more flavor. I think replacing the water with some broth and maybe doubling up on the soy sauce and garlic would help if you wanted it to be the star of the show.

Mine came out a bit lighter than what i imagine “broiled” to be, but it was still good! I can imagine this as a base for a good tofu dish, and intend to use it for the Tofu Florentine soon!

What is your favorite way to cook tofu?

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-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


1 thought on “Basic Broiled Tofu

  1. Hey Andrew!
    My favorite way is probably stir fried with some vegetables. Definitely with a strong enough broth to give it some flavor 🙂

    How’s the texture of it boiled? Would it go well in soup or something?

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