Broccoli Polenta

Polenta is just one of those things where you can incorporate it just about anywhere you like. Its grainy, delicious, and might just rule mashed potatoes one day….Maybe not, but its still pretty good.

The Broccoli Polenta(pg. 144) is not only easy, but it tastes really good too! I usually cook mine in vegetable broth to give it more flavor, but water is just as good. You cook it just like any other grain and this recipe also adds a bit of broccoli to the equation. Bright in color and deliciously creamy, i love this little side dish!

Plus it only takes about half an hour to cook! Great for rushed week nights.

There is an option to mold the stuff into little disks, but I made mine just the way it was so i could use it as a bed for the Braised Seitan with Brussels, Kale, and Sundried tomatoes which is again, another quick and easy dish if you have a rushed schedule.  Operation delicious and dinner, complete.

Do you care more about presentation, or taste when it comes to food?

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Seitan-Experimenting Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “Broccoli Polenta

  1. In future posts, can you describe your impression of the dish? The flavor, things to pair it with, ease of preparation? This is a cool project but for those of us not making all the recipes it really doesn’t say much of anything except that “I made this.”

    1. I will. Thank you. I wasn’t even thinking about it. I’m so sorry about that. But thank you for helping me out.

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