Sauteed Seitan with Mushrooms and Spinach

What do you get when you mix together three of my favorite ingredients into one dish? One epic dish that will rock your taste-buds like no tomorrow!

I absolutely love Seitan, mushrooms, and spinach. The savory, the meaty, and the healthy leafy goodness of the three ingredients just call my name. And the Sauteed Seitan with Mushrooms and Spinach (pg.187) just brought it to a whole new level. We’re talking about a dish that could make Julia Childs go vegan!

It takes less than 30 minutes if you already have the Seitan made, so its also great for those rushed weekday nights where you just want to have an elegant dinner to unwind, but don’t want to slave over the stove for it.

Next time, i’ll probably sever this thing over some pasta!

What are some of your favorite quick, yet elegant dinners?

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Seitan-Experimenting Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


About healthfreax

Being a relatively new vegan, i am always on the search for new skills, foods, and adventures. So join me on the journey through life as we find new ways to make simple, healthy ingredients taste amazing! I'm a teenager, vegan, and loving it!
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