BBQ Seitan and Crispy Cole Slaw Sandwich

After making the Simple Seitan and Backyard BBQ sauce from Veganomicon, I found myself with leftovers. So flipping through the book, I found an awesome recipe that mixes three of the recipes and a few other ingredients into one awesome sandwich.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I have never really liked barbecue. However, the BBQ Seitan and Crispy Cole Slaw Sandwich (pg. 102) seems to have been able to pull it off and make it taste pretty awesome. Its really simple too, if you have the sauce and seitan already made. Just dip the seitan in the sauce, grill it, mix some shredded veggies with a slaw dressing, and you can just build it up from there. Its that simple!

Its a very odd masterpiece. Cole slaw on top of barbecue seitan? If you don’t like your food to touch, this isn’t exactly the recipe for you. But if you love a mix of flavors and textures that will complete any picnic lunch, go straight to this page!

Do you like to mix odd combination into a single sandwich? What strange mixtures do you throw between bread?

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Seitan-Loving Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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