Grilled Yuca Tortillas

I was walking in Whole Foods a few days ago and saw this weird brown root vegetable thingy. I had no idea what it was and thought it look kind of…um….strange. The sign read “yuca” and I thought “didn’t a guy at work talk about this thing?” My coworker is from Puerto Rico and yuca is apparently very common there. But more importantly….isn’t there a Veganomicon recipe for this thing?

Of course there is! Grilled Yuca Tortillas (pg. 49) are actually the second recipe in the book! Lucky me to stumble across such a strange thing and actually end up needing it. Not to mention, it was super easy to cook. Peel, chop, and boil. Kind of like making mashed potatoes.

The yellow pepper and lime juice were nice touches to the dish and brought everything to life. To tell you the truth, it kind of taste like a potato but with a subtle difference I can’t quite describe. I actually think I like it more than potato.

Before peeling the yuca….

After peeling the yuca….

There is a Puerto Rican dish out there called mufungo where they mash up plantains and mix it with garlic. They also have a version using yuca, and that is probably exactly what this tastes like only in a delicious grilled tortilla. Easy, delicious, and satisfying. I would definitely make this dish again…and again and again….Yuca shall intimidate me no more!

What do you put in your tortillas?

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Yuca-Loving Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “Grilled Yuca Tortillas

  1. Another overlooked recipe of the vcon. Maybe it was too close to the beginning for me to notice it?! Well, now I know what yuca looks like, and have definitely seen it in my local eastern supermarket I’ll be sure to give this one a go. Definitely served with salsa, guac and black beans I think…

  2. I agree with Emma! These sound awesome!

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