Newman’s Organic Cookies

Junk food! The craving of all of humanity. Everyone loves the stuff, am I right?  Ok, maybe not everyone, but I sure do. So sweet and sugary and yummy! Nom nom nom…

I don’t eat junk food very often but when I do, Newman’s Organics is the way to go!

After Paul Newman (yes, the actor) made his own brand of food known as Newman’s Own, his daughter (Nell Newman)  decided to open up her own line of organic and down to earth food that was not only good, but good for you too! Hence, Newman’s Own Organics was born!

They pretty much take all the junk out of junk food and put better and fresher stuff in it. Organic stuff! Like using palm fruit oil instead of palm kernel oil. Don’t know the difference? Think of it like describing all purpose and whole wheat flour. Palm oil is the real deal, and gives you all those delicious benefits like good fats. Kernel (used in other commercial products) is just the one part of the palm plant and is less good for you. Don’t get me wrong. Oil is still oil and should be ingested in moderation. The whole fruit is just better for you is all.

Well, I got me a lot of Newman’s Own Organics products here, so let me tell yall about a few of my personal favorites!


Oh, soymilk’s favorite cookie. How I love to dip and dunk and devour these things. They taste so delicious and like a cookie I once knew and grew up with, I just don’t know how I lived without discovering these things.

Dairy-free and wheat free, they are good wheather you are vegan, gluten intolerant, or just want a little something different!

The Ginger  O’s are ok. They were my mom’s favorite!

But my absolute top pick were the peanut butter ones! I can just imagine myself crumbling these up and making me some home-made vegan peanut butter cookies & crème ice cream! Yum!

“Fig Newmans

Speaking of cookies and bars and such, who doesn’t love them some good old fashioned fig newtons? Or should I say, Fig Newmans! You heard me. These things taste just like the old fashioned treats the inspiration came from, but with real fresh figs instead of preserved, chemically enhanced…whatever!


And Newman’s organic Hermits are delicious too! I had never even heard of a hermit cookie before trying these. Where the name came from, I’ll never know. Maybe the cave-dwelling hermit people kept the recipe to themselves for so many years, and Nell Newman’s charm just suddenly appealed to them so much to give them the recipe. I don’t know. But however the newman family did it, they did it right!

My favorites are the cinnamon

But the ginger ones are pretty awesome as well!,%202010%20039_thumb%5B8%5D.jpg

“Alphabet Cookies

And for the last of the sweet treats I have bought, the Alphabet Cookies were amazing! When I have kids, I plan to buy bags upon bags of these things to teach them how to spell. I might by a couple bags anyway, just because these things are so gooooood! Even with a cup of coffee, I was able to spell out just another delicious way to go vegan!

So go buy some Newman’s Own Organic cookies….like right now! You shall not regret it!

What is your favorite Newman’s Own product?

Non-Junk-Food Loving Health Freax Unite!!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “Newman’s Organic Cookies

  1. I like the lemonade. My children said “Daddy! No high fructose corn syrup!”. They’re both 100% vegan since birth and know what’s god stuff 😉

    You got me interested in the alphabet cookies. I’m trying to get some as soon as the blizzard eases up and I can get out of here.

    1. They are really good! I am always going to love spelling things out with these little cookies, no matter how old i get! 🙂

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