VQ: Holiday Edition- Holiday Foods

Food always seems to be able to bring the world together. After a hard day at work or school or just accomplishing daily tasks, its food that gets everyone round that dinner table. That’s what makes holidays so awesome. The time families spend together risking their lives with giant portions, having that amazing past-down-from-generations Christmas morning breakfast, and look. Even Santa gets some soy milk and  set out for him.

Now, I’ve gone ahead and asked the vegans of the twitter-verse about their favorite holiday foods! No one on facebook or in the comments seem to answer these questions, so twitter it is!

Holiday Edition: What is your favorite holiday food?


My dear friend Paternal Candor always has amazing things cookin in his kitchen. I think i know who’s house i’ll be at for Christmas!

paternalcandor :Herbed-scrambled tofu; baked, seasoned home fries; and pumpkin pancakes with whipped butter. That’ll do it!

Some more ideas!!

madonna816 :Gingerbread pan

Octoberstorm :Pancakes! That’s what we’re doing :

cakes? 🙂

pickyvegan :Cinnamon Rolls!
veganslovelava :gingerbread waffles from Vegan Brunch!
kristpie :pumpkin bread! The kind diet has a delicious recipe & I make a few and freeze them for later 🙂
cookveganlover :artichoke and spinach dip.
veganbunnyhugs :Vegan cookies!
CzechVeganBlog :Czech Christmas potato salad (recipe on my blog), vegan Christmas cookies and hot cocoa with vegan marshmallows.
Wow. So many delicious foods! My absolute favorite things for Christmas are the cookies! Who can resist the tiny gingerbread men or a sugar cookie smothered in green icing? Not me.
For my Christmas dinner, I bought myself a Field Roast Cranberry Hazelnut En Croute. Its a giant vegan roast filled with cranberries and hazelnuts and wrapped in a soft pastry dough. Doesn’t it look delicious?! Never tried it, so kind of excited!
Being from the south, sausage balls are a tradition. So I came up with a recipe for some vegan ones that turned out pretty good if I do say so my self. Mmnn…Delicious!
And whats better than some delicious Sweet & Sara Christmas marshmallows in your hot chocolate while watching those old christmas movies?
Ah Christmas. Don’t we all just love it?
Well guys, the new year is soon approaching. So here is my question to you!
What is your New Years resolution?
Leave me a comment below, on Twitter or on Facebook!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-

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