SuperFoodz# 23- Black Tea

Brrrrrrrr. Its so cold! And getting colder! But what better to warm up with than a nice hot cup of black tea? Ah tea, how I love the stuff. Green tea is my favorite, but black can pull through those times when I need something warm but am not in the mood for that grassy aftertaste. Hot and comforting, it warms my whole body up with one delicious sip! But that’s not the only benefit it has!


Those antioxidant things I keep talking about? Black tea has tons of it! Sure it is processed a bit more so has just a tad bit less than green tea, but it still has a heck of a lot to keep your immune system on it’s toes and to keep those free radical cells in check so you can prevent hundreds of diseases! It also expands your arteries and helps blood flow to your brain and heart, making you smarter and preventing strokes! It helps your metabolism, and has anti-aging properties that are amazing! No wonder so many wrinkle creams have tea extracts in them.

Now with the Holidays coming up, Celestial Seasonings provides some of my favorite teas for winter warmth. One even tastes like sugar cookies!! But my favorite is the Nutcracker Sweet! Vanilla and spices mixed into this warm black tea. Mmmmnnn…

Oh but there’s more. When you add cow’s milk to it, the properties of it seem to lessen as reasearchers say. Another reason to enjoy it the vegan way! So go ahead. Enjoy yourself a Christmas cookie and some awesome black tea. Seasons Greetings!

What is your favorite brand of tea?

 Tea-Drinking Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


1 thought on “SuperFoodz# 23- Black Tea

  1. I like Teekanne, Celestial Seasonings, Pickwick and Teavana teas. I prefer drinking my tea hot, unlike the Southerners who drink their sweet ice tea 🙂 I also prefer fruit teas and decaf black teas, since I cannot have any caffeine. However, I learnt how to make my own decaf tea out of any tea (besides powdered matcha) so I have more options.

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