VQ: Where do you get your protein?

When it comes to being vegan, the question just about everyone is asked is “Where do you get your protein?”. I mean seriously. The world thinks of us as tree-huggin weirdos who eat nothing but salad. But its just a life-style man. I eat plenty of protein and some of the best answers to my most recent vegan question proves it!

Vegan Question # 2: Where do you get your protein?


veggieliscious: Soy, lentils, whole grains!

VeganGuineaPig: I like 2go the “whole foods” route nuts/seeds, legumes and whole grains. No need for the processed stuff unless I’m in a hurry

CzechVeganBlog: Everywhere đŸ™‚ Lentils,quinoa,nuts,seeds,soy,beans,grains,veggies,peanut butter…..

cookinvegan: I get “perfect protein” whenever possible. Adzuki beans and brown rice, garbanzo beans and couscous, lentils and quinoa.

And over at Facebook!

Mickey C. Slaughter:well im not vegan im vegetarian but i get most of my protein from rice, beans, and spirutein shakes :p

See my point? There are plenty over awesome vegan options as far as protein goes. Gardein even makes things with 25 grams per serving! Not too shabby, if you ask me. Plus these Tuscan Breasts they have out taste pretty awesome if you ask me!

So, Christmas is coming up this month. And some of you guys are already trying to figure out what to make. So many different things to bake and cook and of course eat. So my next question to you guys is….

Vegan Questions (Holiday Edition): What Holiday foods do you make?

Health-“Nuts” Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


1 thought on “VQ: Where do you get your protein?

  1. I’m enjoying your series, Andrew! Keep it up!

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