Vegan Question # 1 : Why go vegan?

Now being only a few months new to veganism, I know it can be hard. When I first started out, all I ate was salads and peanut butter. But the vegan community can be a very blessing thing. I went vegan for health reasons, but so many of my friends are in it for the animals. So for my first official Vegan Question I asked people why they went vegan in the first place!

Here are some of my favorite answers!

Vegan Question # 1: Why did you go vegan?


TheVeganVoice :Many things led me down the path to veganism but it was reading The China Study that finally sealed the deal.

vegangela:For me: Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation”.

CyanideSweethrt:Sesame St. They showed a clip of moms w/ babies & they had a hen&chick. When my dad tried to fry an egg I freaked out

TheVeganKitchen:I was a vegetarian. I worked on a dairy farm taking care of calves. It convinced me to take the leap from ovo-lacto to vegan.

realingredients:because I realized it was the only logical, ethical option… for me, for the animals and for the planet.
earthwalker:went vegan for my health and the health of the planet I depend on to survive.
vegan_kitten :initially because I was a fat, unhealthy vegetarian. That was 10+ years ago.
MaxAndPepper :Many reasons. For one, there shouldn’t be differentiation between 1 animal as “pet” & 1 as “dinner.”
RaChellDTurner:Lesson: “My babies can’t eat dairy! Not even on rare occasions.” Sorry u don’t feel well. Glad u guys r back hm. 🙂 Bittersweet 😦
omnivorenomore:1) serious health issues (brain surgery, obesity, other crap) 2) ethical reasons. best decision ever made.
BlackVeganWoman:My inspiration for veganism was from close friends who were having far better health than I was, 20 years ago. I have no regrets about it and my children have been vegan their whole lives. They are much healthier than their peers!
cookinveganI was already vegetarian and I felt like I was doing my part for animals as one. I suffered from terrible migraines. my friend suggested that I go vegan to help my health. It did. I understand now how much more we do our part as vegans.

And of course, my dear friend paternalcandor always has something to say!

Paternal Candor

“To save my colon. I wanna use the bathroom normally when I get older ;)”

“Because I’m an herbivore by creation. See? No *real* canines!”

“Because I just can’t get my head around the idea of eating dead animals anymore…”

“Because the meat industry is toxic.”

“Because I’ve seen slaughterhouses and can’t stomach the taste and smell of death. Uggh :(“

I love my followers on twitter! There are so many other awesome answers out there, but whether for health or for the rights of animals, sporting veganism is always an awesome choice. Don’t know how to do it or are you a bit scared? Join the community! Facebook, Twitter, ThePPK. You name it. Tons of others like you who want to help.

Or just start off with a Meatless Monday where you don’t eat meat one day of the week. Trust me. Even something that small can make a difference.

So now for the most popular question known to vegan kind:

Vegan Question # 2: Where do you get your protein?

Leave me a comment on Twitter, Facebook, or Below!

Vegan-Loving Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


1 thought on “Vegan Question # 1 : Why go vegan?

  1. Great post – Good luck with your veganism… the first 6 months are the hardest and it’s easy sailing from there! 🙂

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