2010 Thanksgiving Collection

Well, Thursday was Thanksgiving. What a wonderful day it was! All across the world, both omnivores and vegans took part in this wonderful day of spending time with family and eating until you collapsed on the couch while watching football. Ah, good times.

Well the “Vegan Question of the Day” two days ago was simple: What are you guys doing Thanksgiving?
I had this one last a bit longer than a day so people could post what they already did the day after! So here is a collection of some of my favorite responses!


rosewhitelilies: 8K, then to the parents for some sweet potatoes, tofurkey, & vegan almond joy layer cake I made tonight… can’t wait! 🙂

VeganliciousLJ: I cooked a huge vegan feast for 20 of my omnivore friends.
ZnaQueene: taking my own meal to my parents’ home tomorrow..lol. It’s the only way to ensure veg, organic, and preservative free for me.
realingredients: we aren’t doing a formal meal this year… so.. whatever looks good on the restaurant menu, thinking Indian 😉
“As far as what dessert we’re having, I’m making a chocolate cream pie!! It’s… experimental, but I believe it will work out – coconut milk with a cookie crumb crust – what could go wrong? ;) 

For a main course centerpiece we are having Field Roast hazelnut and cranberry roast, and also mac & cheeze, two kinds of potatoes, white wine sauteed kale, stuffing, and of course GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE!! :D

“I’m going non-traditional, too. I might go with a pasta-based dish. On the other hand, I might have to go to the in-laws… (they’re vegan-friendly).

People seem to be doing everything this year! Whether it be going to a restaurant and enjoying a meal with friends, or bringing your own meal to a carnivorous party like Czech Vegan! Doesn’t her meal look just delicious?!

And i’m betting some of us even go too full to post pictures, like my friend Celyn over at Miso For Breakfast!

Well my Thanksgiving (thanks for asking) actually went pretty well. I made those Citrus-Thyme Sweet Potatoes i’ve been talking about. My family was a bit reluctant to try them when they found out a vegan brought them, but those who did try them loved them!!

I had also made a peanutc butter-chocolate chip “butter” cake which took a while to make and tried a piece right out of the oven. It tasted amazing!!!….well….until i dropped it in the driveway. Woops!

Oh well. I had a great Thanksgiving and I too had to bring my own meal. I’m not complaining. My tofurkey was probably far better tasting than their real turkey anyways! And with kale and blueberries on the side, a lot better for me too!

Afterwards, of course a nice game of football was in order. Arn’t my cousins so cute?

But the other guys would rather watch it on TV. I guess some traditions never change.

But the drive home was awesome. And the sky was beautiful.

Even Lila had some leftovers mixed in with her dog food!

Especially during holidays, most people don’t really have a reason to go vegan with so much food going around. They want the dairy and egg-filled foods they grew up with. So lets give them a reason to love us!

Vegan Question of the Day # 1: What is your reason for being vegan?

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Tofurkey Day-Loving Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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