Vegan Question of the Day(Holiday Edition): Thanksgiving main course

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, some people are still scrambling to figure out what to make for dinner. Now as a vegan, turkey is most definitely not on my menu. We vegans crave some filling and chewy vegetables that will fill us up and give us the satisfaction of a good meal. So for yesterday’s “Vegan Question of the Day” I asked you guys what you plan to eat as your main course for Thanksgiving!



@vegancraftastic : Gardein Stuffed Turk’y!
@Mel_Edwards: I had Roast Tofurky and we loved it. (We had our big holiday meal on Sunday.)
@katieeha :TOFURKY (not sure what marinade)

@realingredients : we aren’t doing a formal meal this year… so.. whatever looks good on the restaurant menu, thinking Indian 😉
@VeganGuineaPig : trying out a new portobello dish, and have a gardein stuffed turkey w/gravy as a backup

So it looks like Tofurkey is a popular choice. I’ve tried the Tofurkey Roast as I explained in a previous post and found it as an excellent choice! It tastes pretty legit, so it scared me until i read the ingredients which assured me has no animal products in them. Excellent for if you are having non-vegans over!
As far as home-cooking goes:
@atlvegan: I haven’t committed yet, but I might make @chloecoscarelli’s harvest-stuffed portobello mushrooms.
Now i must admit, that that looks like an awesome choice! I love the meaty texture of mushrooms and made Tal Ronnen’s “Peppercorn Crusted Portabellos” the other day. It was delicious!
And who can forget that awesome cake that Vegan Good Thing’s Leinana came up with? I hope to make my own version of this with my Thanksgiving leftovers!



Vegan Question of the Day(Holiday Edition): What are your Thanksgiving plans/What did you do Thanksgiving?

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Non-Turkey Eating Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-



2 thoughts on “Vegan Question of the Day(Holiday Edition): Thanksgiving main course

  1. I’m going non-traditional, too. I might go with a pasta-based dish. On the other hand, I might have to go to the in-laws… (they’re vegan-friendly).

  2. I wanted to try a tofurkey but it never happend! Looks good though.


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