Vegan Q&A

Alright guys! This week, I declared that I wound begin a “Vegan Question of the Day”, and I’m holding up to that declaration!

Though I have put quite a few blog posts out, I am still relatively new to veganism. I have only been doing this thing for a couple months and I still have so much to learn. But I have learned the things I know thus far simply by asking questions. With all of the wonderful an sweet vegans out there who love to recruit, so many are happy and willing to answer those questions! I mean, I did get a few people cussing at me and yelling at me to go vegan and check forums and to leave them alone….but lets not discuss those people.

So on my Twitter and Facebook account, I will be posting a “Veg Question of the Day” every day I get the chance in order to help other vegans along their journey! Who knows? I might catch a few tips myself!

So go check me out on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll report some of the best answers back here for you guys to read!


Vegan-Helping Health Freax Unite!!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison –


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