Go Max Go Review & Giveaway: Twilight


No I’m not talking about those “Vampires” who live in the woods and run so fast that they appear to fly and sparkle and….wait…those sound more like fairies to me……

Anyways, I’m talking about my absolute favorite candy bar I have ever tried in my entire life! Not to mention it’s vegan, so I can actually eat it too!

Chocolaty nougat topped with buttery caramel and then coated with an amazingly rich rice chocolate that just makes my mouth water. To me, this bar reminds me of that familiar commercial brand known as “Milky Way” but there is something different about it. I can’t describe it. Maybe it’s the face that Go Max Go Foods adds that extra ingredient into their products that makes them so addictive and want to just keep coming back for more.

Its not heroine……Is it the chocolate? As addictive as that stuff is, nope…Its that one thing your mom puts into all of her homemade treats.

Love people. There is love in this candy bar and it makes everything taste amazing!

I am betting you wish you had a little love all wrapped up in purple and chocolate right about now, don’t ya? Well I got good news for you. This bar is so good, I bought an extra one just for you! Gotta spread the love, right? Here’ how to win one of these amazing bars….:

1. Comment below telling me what makes your night (or day) shine!!

Now for extra entries, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Go Max Go Foods on Twitter .

Or post on Twitter or Facebook “Check out this awesome candy bar giveaway! http://tinyurl.com/2bb7zdv @vegmuffinman

Comment once for each entry. Winner will be revealed in Tomorrow’s post. (Nov. 23rd, 2010)

And Good luck !

And the winner of yesterday’s Joker contest is…..

Christy! Woohoo! Email me at the626drew@gmail.com to claim your prize!

GoMaxGo Loving Health Freax Unite!!!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


41 thoughts on “Go Max Go Review & Giveaway: Twilight

  1. woooo hoooo! My little dog snoopy makes me feel like a nut. Because he is a little nut and he brings out my inner nut. He is sitting on my lap right this moment. He is awesome. Just like candy bars!

  2. Having some vegan ice cream for dessert always brightens my day (and I’m sure vegan candy bars would make my day shine too!). Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. My night shines when I have chocolate. Whether it’s fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or a chocolate bar, it’s all good. Chocolate can make any day or night instantly better. yum.

  4. My night (or day!) shines when my baby wakes up and smiles at me – he ALWAYS smiles at me when he wakes up and it makes those 3am feedings worth it 🙂

  5. I’m already following you on twitter.

  6. And I’m following GoMaxGo on twitter.

  7. And I “like” you on facebook.

  8. What makes my day shine? Having my husband near me and giving me a hug and a kiss. It is the best!

  9. You know I follow you on Twitter @singerinkitchen 🙂

  10. I NOW follow you on FAcebook. I totall y did not know you were there! Yay!

  11. Ice cream after a long day at school totally will do it for me!!

  12. Follow you on twitter

  13. Good friends, family, my dog and cats, great vegan food and when I create a successful recipe 🙂

  14. I follow Go Max Go Foods on Twitter

  15. I “like” you on Facebook

  16. I just Tweeted about this contest @CzechVeganBlog

  17. What makes my night shine is coming home from work to see my little lovebird, Pickwick, cuddled up in his little fleece tent, half-asleep, with his little head gently hanging down over the edge of the tent.

  18. MY son makes my whole day shine!!

  19. I loooove love love coming home to my kitty, Gray Ghost, after work. He’s currently sick, but think are looking up after a visit to the vet this morning, which just elates me to see him getting back to his old self. It’s like I can’t be happy when he’s not!

    Found you on Twitter and added you! Love your site!

  20. My pet chickens sleeping together in their hen house makes my night shine!

  21. mmmm..vegan chocolate bars for dessert would totally rock the night in my house!
    mspomona97 (at) gmail.com

  22. I already follow you via twitter

    mspomona97 (at) gmail.com

  23. tweet!!! 🙂 (via MrsNoNoKnows)

    mspomona97 (at) gmail.com

  24. What makes my day shine is my sweet animals. My dog Bailey, my 7 cockatiels, my 3 roosters, one hen and many cats. Fuzzball is the oldest. He’s 18 now. He’s like Garfield.
    What makes my night shine is a long hot bath with some good music playing, a good book and a whole lot of sleep. And being visited by some wacky characters in my dreams. I’ve seen a polar bear, an elephant and even Judge Judy in there this week. : )

  25. Listening to music way too loud 🙂 and spending time with my dogs. thanks for the cool contest!

  26. What makes my day shine is doing something, anything that makes another person smile – or hearing that someone else did something, anything that made another person smile. What makes my night shine is knowing my family is home safe and sound!

  27. I think you know now that I’m following you on Twitter. 🙂

  28. Also gotcha covered on Facebook. 🙂

  29. And, of course, also following Go Max Go on Twitter!

  30. I love Twilight bars. what makes my night shine is the memory of starry skies over big sur where I used to live.

  31. Making a really beautiful vegan meal makes my night shine. That and some chocolate. I guess I’m sucking up now.

  32. My two kitties make everyday bright! They keep me on my toes, covered in fur and supply me a never-ending supply of snuggles! That chocolate bar looks amazing, I have never tried any of the go max bars, they all look so good!

  33. I liked your Facebook page

  34. Following you on twitter

  35. Following go max on twitter

  36. Great food – vegan, of course – makes my morning bright and my day shine!

  37. Liked you on facebook!

  38. Following Go Max Go on twitter!

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