Tofutti Cuties!(review)

I won! I won I won I won I won I wooooooooooooooon!

I have never won an online contest before in my life! But on Miso For Breakfast, they have been having contests all month long for Vegan Mofo. With little hope of winning, I submitted a comment to the website every day due to me just plain loving that blog! Celyn does such a great job with it (not to mention she has a beautiful name). My prize was a gift certificate from Tofutti for free stuff! Who doesn‘t like free?

Now I havn’t gotten it quite yet. But can you blame me for being so ambitious? I went ahead and bought a Tofutti product I have never had before anyway! When I get the coupon, I’ll probably save it for when I am low on grocery money and need it. But yesterday I decided to try some Tofutti Cuties! Mint chocolate chip!

I must suggest hard freezing these things before opening cause these things can get a bit messy straight from the store. But the chocolate “cookie” part of the ice cream sandwich is so decadently soft, and your teeth go straight through it. It’s like biting into a cloud! As for the ice cream, it isn’t the best I have ever had in my life but I’m glad! It totally balances out the cookie and makes the whole treat something spectacular.

The box comes with 8 tiny sandwiches that are perfect for sending kids off to lunch with. Or for quality control. That’s way if you eat the whole box in one sitting, you can say “well…they were kind of small anyways”.  Don’t think a kid could like tofu? Well, i tossed one to my little brother and said “Catch. Here’s some tofu”. He shrieked and hid due to his fear of vegan food. But one bite, and he fell in love. That’s how awesome these things are!

Oh and by the way. I’ll be holding my own little contest on here tomorrow. So watch out for it!
What is your favorite ice cream sandwich?

Tofu-Throwing Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


4 thoughts on “Tofutti Cuties!(review)

  1. Yep, those Cutues are good, alright. We can’t get them home, though. My children eat them in the car on the way back. I like the Totally Vanilla sandwiches. Pretty good. And, yes, you have to hard freeze them.

    1. So far, mint chip is my favorite. But vanilla doesn’t sound too bad either 🙂

  2. Yay!

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