SuperFoodz # 19- Apples

An apple a say keeps the doctor away” as the old saying goes. Apples are one of my absolute favorite foods. So sweet and crisp, they are excellent in fall baking and they make wonderful afternoon snacks! So lets see just how amazing our SuperFood # 19 really is.

When I think of little kids learning their alphabet, “A is for Apple” always gets stuck in my mind. A certainly fits apples. Not only is it the first letter, but apples also have a whole lot of Vitamin A in them. With less about 58 calories and  in a large one, Apples are incredibly good at helping promote weight loss as well. Though the juicy tender inside of apples are what most people crave, the skin is the healthiest part. It has 4 milligrams of something called quercetin. This anti-oxidant prevents oxygen from damaging other cells and causing cancers.

An apple has enough vitamins in it fill in for a 1500 mg tablet of vitamin C and has fiber. Insoluble fibers help break down food so your digestive track runs smoothly. They also help you to fill fuller. Soluble fibers, on the other hand, form a gel of pectin in your digestion that helps lower cholesterol and risk of heart diseases and strokes.

I could go on and on about apples, but then this article would be a bit too long and you guys would probably get bored (if I havn’t bored you already). Eating a granny smith or another type that bruises easily will probably get you the most out of your apple. Apple sauce is an excellent source of vitamins, but doesn’t have all the fiber without skin. Using it in place of oils in baking, though, helps make fat-free breads that will taste just as delicious! But don’t opt for apple juice. Though it has a little potassium and iron, it still is just not the same and has enough sugar to do more evil than good.

Chop them up in a salad, throw them into some rice pudding, or put them into an awesome smoothie. Better yet, use them as a delicious fragrance for your home. Bake them with some cinnamon and other spices (apple pie spice works wonders) or simmer them in a sauce pan with some coconut oil. Not only will you have a sweet and delicious snack when you’re done, but your home will be smelling like fall before you know it!

What is your favorite use for apples?

Apple-Noming Health Freax Unite!

-Andew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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