Happy Halloween! Memories and plans?

Halloween is quickly approaching and there are so many fun things about it! The contrast of orange and black in almost every store, the great costumes worn, and the awesome food. Kids sit eagerly waiting for the sun to go down so they can run into the neighborhood and collect candy until it overflows from their goodie bags. I once even saw a kid with a garbage bag! The bigger the bag, the more candy will fit.

Here are me and my brothers in ’07…before my healthy days, masking my chubbiness….

Now my family isn’t exactly fond of trick-or-treating. We used to do it for the fun of looting candy, but with the devil-worshipper rumors going around, its hard not to associate yourself. Its alright. I was planning to sneak out and run around graveyards sporting black hair, vampire fangs, and dark clothing(Vladimir Tod costume?) while scaring off little children anyway….haha. Just kidding mom. (Please don’t hurt me).

Nah. I’ll probably stick to listening to rock music while baking up some awesome Halloween treats. Sure my mom isn’t a fan of the ghoulish holiday, but how can she say no to a plate full of bat shaped pumpkin-chip cookies or some pumpkin-bran cupcakes fresh from the oven?

As far as my plans, I intend to eat rather healthy during the day (pumpkin oatmeal!) so that I can chow down on a sweet and sara peanut butter smore and some awesome baked goods at night! My little brothers could use a few whole wheat pumpkin brownies instead of candy anyways!

So I’m curious. What are your Halloween plans? I need more ideas so I can spend mine to the fullest. Or if you are reading this after Halloween, what did you do? Who says Halloween stuff is only for Halloween? (clearance costumes and decorations anyone?) Or even better question. What is your best Halloween memory?


-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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