Review: R.Thomas

Last night was pretty awesome. A friend of mine and I were up in Buckhead, Atlanta and craving some good food before we headed back home. It was about 11 pm and not many places were open. But we both knew of the only 24 hour organic restaurant in all of Atlanta: R.Thomas!


R.Thomas Delux Grill

Restaurant type:

Organic/International/24 hour

1812 Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 872-2942

3.2 stars


Even from the outside, this place does not look like it at all belongs in Atlanta. But I love it. It just shows how diverse we can be. There are numerous sculptures, signs, and bird cages covering the outside of the restaurant, and the inside shows no mercy to this wondrous array of trinkets that look like they have been collected over numerous years.

Even at the time of night it was, the staff was incredibly friendly. We took our seats and the waitress immediately brought us our menus and gave a bright, welcoming smile. Can’t get this kind of service at waffle house!

Onto the food. I ordered the portabella sandwich without the cheese. It was actually really good! I have had so many mushrooms sandwiches in the past, and sometimes it was my only vegan option besides a salad. But to tell you the truth, I very much so enjoyed it. They had an egg-free dijonaise that kind of just brought everything together. It also had so many different other vegetables in it that were cooked pretty well. A little soft, but still crunchy: the way I like em.

It came with a side and I chose the kale & nori slaw. Wow! That was unexpected. Right when you bite into it, you get a big taste of vinegar. Not exactly my preference, but I still ate it all. It was still not half bad.

My friend ordered chicken wings, and it would be weird to talk about it on a vegan’s review. But she said they were some of the best buffalo wings she ever had. Coming from someone raised in the south, that’s a lot!

For dessert, we went with the raw chocolate truffle. We split it. It was delicious! A little bit of crunch to it, with lots of chocolatey taste to it. It wasn’t over sweet. Delicious. I will definitely be coming back here!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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