My cousin’s wedding…

I have to warn you. This post isn’t my usual topic, but just trust me….If not, I’ll be doing two posts today for those who would prefer reading about food….

Today was an awesome day for photography. I ended up at a wedding and it was beautiful. A little gazebo on the hill at sunset. It was amazing, and I was so happy to see my cousin get married.

I didn’t get any picture during the wedding due to my camera messing up on me. Sorry guys!

It was an amazing wedding. I had to eat prior though. My cousin served fried chicken and other southern cuisine that doesn’t quite meet vegan nor healthy. But he sure liked it!

The drink faucets looked pretty cool…

Well my menu for dinner consisted of a really awesome veggie burger that I bought.

What do for weddings where nothing fits your diet?

Sunset-Wedding Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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