SuperFoodz # 16- Poppy Seeds

Who would have known that poppy seeds would have made the list as a Superfood? Definatley not me in the beginning. Yet here they are, nutritional benefits and all. But they have a little bit of everything. A tablespoon has 45.9 calories, 126 mg of calcium, a few milligrams of protein and 63 mg of potassium. Wow. A lot of stuff in those little seeds.

Now there has been a bit of controversy on whether or not they are drugs. Well let me clear that up for you. The type you bake and cook with are not narcotics. Straight from the pod, their benefits can easily help with many medical conditions and they are an ingredient (somniferous) like breast cancer. But they are not strong enough to do so atop out bagels. Yes, consuming too many can make you a bit tired due to effects, but they do not have the properties to be considered a “Drug” on their own.

As well as tasting excellent, they also help break down food making it easier for digestion. They are high in carbs, giving you energy and they contain good fatty acids that help your heart and skin.

They come from a pod type thing that looks like something from mars. Its pretty cool. What happens is the pod dies away, leaving the seeds. Like this one in the picture i found on google:

They are awesome on many baked goods too! Being a muffin kind of guy though, I particularly love them in lemon poppy seed muffins. They add that nice crunch to the really soft muffin and just balances everything out. I hope to have a recipe for some out soon for the ones i just made. Still perfecting it.

In the mean time, they are also good sprinkled over cookies just before baking. Another great way to have them is encrusting polenta with them or sprinkling a few in a PB&J! Weird, but don’t knock it till you try it!

What is your favorite thing to use poppy seeds for?

Bagel Crunching Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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