SuperFoodz #14- Flax Seed

Today was a bit of a struggle figuring out what the Superfoodz for today would be. I was actually in the middle of making cookies when it hit me: Flax seed.

What makes flax seed such an awesome superfood? Well, it has an incredible amount of fiber for one thing. There are few other foods that have both soluble and insoluble fiber in it. It also has omega-3 fatty acids (ya know. The good kind) and has almost 800 times more antioxidants than some other foods.


Cure for cancer? Yep. It blocks those enzymes (little cell thingies) that grow and cause cancer. Believe me now that this stuff is awesome? It does wonders for your digestion and gives you the whole grain benefits that people recommend as well. Its pretty awesome stuff. Some doctors even call it the next wonder food of the world!

There are several different types of flax seed too! I go with golden because it is cheaper and has more fiber, but brown taste a little better to me.

So how would you use this stuff? My favorite way to have it is to grind it up in a coffee grinder and sprinkle it into a smoothie. Any kind of smoothie you want! Even in my Blue Monster Smoothie from my Blueberry post. It throws that extra health benefit to start off your day!

As for the cookie recipe, I’ll post that one soon.

What is your favorite use for flax seeds?

Flax Sprinkling Health Freax Unite!
-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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