SuperFood # 13- Pumpkin

Its autumn! My favorite time of the year. And the food you hear about most during autumn are some of the best! Out of all the glorious fall foods, my favorite just has to be pumpkin. Oh what a delicious food it is. But is this giant orange round fruit healthy(yes, its a fruit)? Absolutely! It just made it as our Super Food for today!

Pumpkins are incredibly high in vitamin A, with over 250% of your daily recommended value in one serving! They also have potassium and a little vitamin c. They are high in carotenoids which are known for keeping your immune system healthy and beta-carotenes which help keep your inflammation in check. They are high in fiber and  very filling. At only 49 calories per cup of canned pumpkin, this stuff could be eaten all day!

Now that’s just the flesh. Even the seeds have their own little healthy world going on in there. The seeds are anti-depressants from something called L-tryptophan (grrr…big words! They hurt!). The seeds also help with inflammation and they prevent kidney stones.

Just another reason to love pumpkin. I mix a bit of canned pumpkin into pasta or I make these awesome whole wheat pumpkin brownies!

What is your favorite use for pumpkin?

Pumpkin-Eating Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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