Restaurant Review: Fritti

Local restaurant weeks are always fun. For those of you who have no idea what it is, it is where local restaurants get together with others in their area and set up a meal deal for a flat price for starter, entrée, and dessert. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well Inman park restaurant week was among us in Atlanta from Sept. 19-26. One of my favorite restaurants were also in the deal, so it was off to Fritti on September 25th, 2010. We arrived at 4:28 pm:



Restaurant type:



309 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 880-9559


4.2 Stars

As a friend and I pulled up to park, a sign caught our eyes for “Free Valet parking”. Why park along the busy N. Highland Ave on a Saturday afternoon when you can have someone do it for you? So I handed over the keys and walked to the front door below the giant “Fritti” sign. A tattooed guy was walking out of the door and though he looked busy, he was nice enough to open the door for us.

Walking inside, the smell of pizza and garlic kind of just hits you in the face with the trance-inducing aromas of food cooking. A sign on the wall claims them as “Certified Neapolitan pizza” and our waitress had a rather pleasant smile on her face when she greeted us (I know this sounds like some happy fairy tale pizza place, but that’s one of the reasons I was so pleased). She had amazing yellowish green eyes and a large tattoo on her arm (most of the employees were tattooed).

Alright. Enough about the beautiful waitress and onto the food. I didn’t take part in the restaurant week due to not seeing a vegan dessert on there. So I went with the Vegetariana pizza without cheese. They asked whether I wanted it the traditional way with the different vegetables in sections, or if I wanted everything thrown together. Together may have given me the opportunity to taste everything at once, but I went for traditional. It’s funner that way, and a bit more of an experience to attack the pie from all sides.The crust wasn’t as crispy and charred as I like, but I still loved it!


My dear friend went all out (since I was paying) and went for the restaurant week menu. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of her salad (arugala, lemon juice, mozzarella, and olive oil) and she loved it! Her pizza was similar with lettuce, lemon slices, and mozzarella.

And her dessert was a chocolate mascarpone thing with a LOT of rum in it. I was unable to try it due to being vegan, but she sure enjoyed it.

All of that for 30 dollars? Not bad at all! The service was good and so was the environment. Kind of modern, with old fashion pizza taste.

Pizza-Eating Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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