Road’s End Shells & Chreese

Macaroni. The ultimate comfort food mix of carby pasta and cheese. With such a delicious combo, it is hard to resist when you are able to get a big plate of the stuff in front of you. Homemade is so much tastier, but the boxed kind is quicker…..and has more sodium in it. Eh. But the other day at whole foods, I found a box of the stuff that not only was vegan, but healthier too! I recognized this brand from another blog and had to try it!

I went ahead and got the shells for a bit of a different texture.

It is hard to believe this stuff is healthy. It tastes pretty good. Way better than the Kraft stuff I had before I went vegan. I made the whole box in hopes of leftovers, but I failed to save all but a small bit. It was so good! Road’s End Shells And Chreese.

With this kind of label, I think just about anyone can eat it no matter what your diet, allergy, or lifestyle!

If only spotting vegan things were always this easy.

Well this is my bowl. Wheres yours?

I even threw in some pumpkin for my fall obsession.

The leftovers tasted even better! After i made it, i even tried microwaving it for a few seconds. It made the cheese a lot thicker and yummier!

What is your favorite thing to put in macaroni? Or do you eat it by itself?

Macaroni-Eating Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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