Giant Broccoli Men and A new Deck

Well yesterday I went to a small county fair where there were just a few stands here and there from assorted vendors and restaurants. None of the food was vegan and  not many of the items being sold looked environmental friendly. But among the crowd, one booth stood above the rest. The stand labeled “Kaiser Permanente” .

Kaiser Permanente is a health care company that researches general health. It is the largest manged care organization in the US with over 8.6 million members. Now why am I writing about some big business? Well, first of, they are non-profit and focus on health. That sounds pretty awesome to me. But the thing that caught my attention at the booth was none other than the guy in the giant broccoli suit: Doc Broc!

Kids these days don’t want fruit or vegetables. They want a trip through the ol’ Mickie D’s drive thru for some good ol’ fashion artery clogging. But when they see a giant loveable broccoli man, it kind of appeases to them. I even heard a few 3 year olds say that broccoli pasta was their favorite food! Now that’s making an effect on our youth! People are starting to notice what healthy foods can do for us, and it can make a big difference. Even Michelle Obama added an organic garden to the white house to promote health eating. Who knows what awesome impacts that could have!

As well as the giant broccoli man, I also got a deck of cards. Each card in the box had a reason for motivation to get healthy. I thought that was pretty awesome.

Here are a few of the cards…

Love the message on the back….

Geeze. I wish i could do that!

My favorite card!

What is your motivation for staying healthy?

Giant Broccoli-Hugging Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “Giant Broccoli Men and A new Deck

  1. really thank u so much for this services

  2. yeah my dad will like this

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