Why Organic? (when “Because I said so” is just not enough)

When it comes to eating healthy, organic this and organic that are thrown all over the place. You hear about it and how it is so much better for you and the environment. You also hear about how expensive it is and some think it is too unaffordable to even bother with. For me, it’s a whole different lifestyle.

“Organic” pretty much just means that straight from nature. No fertilizers or animal poisons in the crops or soil. I mean seriously. Why would you want to eat chemicals and bug spray? The flavors of organic food are not only purer and truer than the pesticide covered foods, but they are also a lot better for our environment. When a farmer sprays his crops with something, its doesn’t only stick on the plant. It goes into the soil, and even drains into rivers and our water supply. It also goes as vapors up into the air we breathe. Organic foods, however, are not sprayed with any of that harmful stuff and keep our food tasty and our air clean. Sure they do not last as long but why do you need them to? You do plan on eating it in this lifetime, right?

Now some people say it is expensive, but that all depends on what you are getting. Organic is actually a brand name. Organic is level standard set by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) saying you need to keep to their standards. Keep your soil clean and use no fertilizers. You even have to pay to have this certification and keep written detail of all of your sales (for auditing purposes). Sounds like good morals to me.  Now because the fees are so high to keep the certification, the prices for your crops are high. So farmers decided to do their own thing. They came up with “naturally grown”. It is essentially the same thing, but the money is going to the farmer and not some faceless organization. With organic, the extra money is going for name recognition and a little brand seal on their products.

A great way to get organic crops is a farmer’s market. Not only do you get your crops straight from the farmer, but it’s local too so less pollution is produced going from farm to table. Sometimes, the crops at farmer’s markets are even cheaper than chemically-covered crops at grocery store foods!

Dekalb Farmer's Market, GA

So now do you believe that organic is better? Finding out where your grocery store gets it’s crops or where a local farmer’s market is can be one of the best decisions you make in your goal to eat healthier. So go ahead. If you have to, spend the extra cents. You will not be disappointed.

Organic Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “Why Organic? (when “Because I said so” is just not enough)

  1. the best thing about organic foods is that they are free from hazardous chemicals that are present in non-organic foods::.

    1. Agreed. And they taste fresher too 🙂

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