Soy milk & Coconut-lime tofu

When it comes to vegan butters and margarines, Earth Balance is the one that ranks as most popular among vegans and vegetarians. And can you blame us for loving the stuff? This stuff is good! It works just like dairy-derived butter and tastes just as good but without all the butterfat or milk.

From a soy-based margarine to their original, they also have a selection of peanut and almond butters that are killer. But just recently, a new member of the Earth Balance family has been added: Soy milk. Ah, another non-dairy product to fit the needs of vegans everywhere! But is it good?

The answer to that question? YES! I recently bought some at my local Whole Foods Market and brought it home, very anxious to try it. I ripped off the top as soon as i arrived got home and thought of how I could try it first! In my oatmeal? I could bake with it. I could make hot chocolate. I finally settled on drinking it straight up. Why mask the true flavors of the stuff?

And I must say this may be the best soy milk I have ever had. It was definitely creamy and went down smoooooooth. And no only that, but the taste was very good too. But wait. There’s more! On the side panel of the carton is a recipe to Alicia Silverstone‘s Acai Smoothie! Woohoo!

I try to keep my soy intake to a minimum due to the rumors I have heard about how too much of it having some pretty odd side effects but when there is a need for something smooth and creamy to dip a cookie into after work, then this stuff is an absolute must!

So last night I attempted to make the “coconut-lime tofu” from one of my favorite cookbooks “Vegan Yum Yum”. I was very surprised about the outcome! I was expecting the taste to be more like a fruity Hawaiian drink, but the soy sauce added that savory bit to it and balanced everything out. Well worth it!

Soy-Milk Drinking Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “Soy milk & Coconut-lime tofu

  1. Ok. You have convinced me to try Earth Balance!! I am not strictly Vegan or Vegetarian, but eat this way most often, (and in general like experimenting with vegan baking) and still have never tried this! I usually substitute coconut oil or applesauce or olive oil…

    Well, I’m going to buy it, and make something from the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World book!!

    (I also agree with the soy milk consumption… I love almond milk – and it’s easy to make! Have you tried it? 🙂 )

    1. Good luck! Its the perfect buttery spread ever! (awesome for vegans like me). I love the stuff. But almond milk is pretty good as well. My favorite is rice milk though.

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