Labor Day Bagels

Well Labor day weekend was just full of new experiences. Labor day is the first weekend in September and gives us a weekend to break as we celebrate our economical and social achievements. For me, that mean having some awesome pizza and buying groceries.

The pizza at Antico-Pizza Napoletana was cheese-less, authentic, and delicious. Some of the best I have had in a while. I only planned to eat two slices, but ended up finishing the thing off before the day was over. Yeah. It was that good

So at the Whole Foods store, I discovered “Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese” and Alvardo St. Bakery “Sprouted Wheat” bagels. This morning, I decided to give them a shot. All I can say is wow! These things were amazing. No, I do not miss cream cheese or bagels since becoming a vegan, but these things taste pretty real to me. I even had to double check the labels to make sure they were vegan. Yeah. They were that good.

The bagel was a bit breadier than the ones we have at work (yeah. I work in a bagel shop), but I like them that way. It was nice and soft when it was thawed and it toasted quite nicely. A bit crumbly, but it tasted extremely good.

As for the cream cheese, it was just as creamy as the stuff I had before going vegan. It was nice and smooth and spread nicely. I was very impressed.

Mmn….One side tofutti, the other side peanut butter. Thats one Delicious Pairing…

So what new experiences did you discover over Labor Day Weekend?

Bagel & Creme Cheese Loving Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


1 thought on “Labor Day Bagels

  1. Cool, I have used tofutti. I like it.

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