All natural….soda?

I am not the biggest soda fan. I really don’t care for the sugary overload somehow captured in a tiny aluminum cans. I mean seriously. How do they get all of that sugar and unhealthy chemicals in there? I am more of a water, coffee, and tea kind of guy. A few natural juices may make their way in every once in a while, but I still stick to the basics. But move aside soda! Some  natural drinks have made their way to a grocery store near you.

The other day, I tried a drink called “Izze”. Maybe you have heard of it. It is on the shelf of almost every Starbucks in the country! And looking at the ingredients, all of them are natural. There is no long list of things I can barely pronounce. Its just filtered sparkling water and a few juice concentrates. That’s it! No added sugars and what not. But the real question is: Is it good?

I tried the blackberry flavor and it was delicious! It tasted like a sparkling juice you might give your kids for special occasions instead of champagne. But it doesn’t have any of the added stuff like added sugars and weird preservatives. Yes I suppose it does have 29g of sugar, but I guarantee you all of it is natural. I probably will stick with my basics, but it is a great soda substitute for those of you who are hooked but want to maybe cut down or switch to a healthier option.

I would have taken my own picture, but it was gone before i knew it!

So anyway, this labor day I am planning a trip to a natural grocery store up in Atlanta. Now what does that mean for you guys as my views? It means more food reviews, more recipes, and more delicious food! So stay tuned for what I have in store this week.

So what is your favorite natural drink?


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