7 grains, 2 pizzas, and a new member of the kitchen

New discoveries may be one of my favorite things about becoming vegan. New foods. New knowledge. New people. The whole lifestyle is new. And this week has especially been full of new discoveries for me. Taking the advice of other bloggers around the internet, I have been finding things that I would have easily over looked in the grocery store or even as possibilities in the kitchen.

Even as a vegan, we need our essentials. Bread doesn’t need eggs or milk or even chemical leaveners to be delicious. I love buying bread that was made the morning of with nothing more than whole wheat flour (that they milled there), filtered water, salt, yeast, and a bit of local sweetener (like love?). But lately, I have not seen the face of one of these storefronts in over a month. Having missed bread, I took the advice of a few other bloggers about “Food For Life” Bread. Their most popular is known as “Ezekiel 4:9” but I went for the “7 Sprouted Grain”.

Wow! This was very unexpected! Ok, so it is not as fresh as homemade, but it tasted very earthy and I loved it! Looking at the back, I recognize most of the ingredients too! And why add chemicals for a high shelf life? I found this baby in the freezer section!

Today i found a new guy in our kitchen…..

He’s probably wondering whats for dinner. How about polenta pizza’s inspired to me by my favorite blog?

Mmn…Daya cheese, homemade tomato sauce (chopped tomatoes with garlic and basil thrown in the blender), and a slice of pre-cooked polenta all cooked together to perfection. Even the carnivores at the dinner table where jelous of my meal.

Polenta & Bread-Nomming Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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