Epic Waffleness

So today is the 24th of August. Some of you readers may know of this day as just another Tuesday out of the year, but others know of it as National Waffle Day!! This “holiday” is the day in history to remember the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron, which Cornelius Swarthout received on August 24, 1869. And what a great day it is!

Now as i discovered this wonderful day in history, it gave me the idea to review one of my favorite foods: Nature Path’s frozen waffles. And my discovery (as many great things do) began with a coupon.

I found a coupon for a dollar-fifty off of any two Nature’s Path waffles and thought it would be a great idea for those days where I am sprinting out the door on the way to work. And a good decision it was! Not only did I find a convenient before-work breakfast, but i also found a great new food in which i may have over-look on any other grocery store trip. I mean, common now. Who over looks frozen waffles?

For my first two, i picked up the “FlaxPlus with figs” and the “FlaxPlus Original”. They were both fantastic and the fags were great. But the second time buying waffles, i found my absolute favorite: Buckwheat Wildberry. These waffles are not the normal berry-filled waffles where large chunks of berries are clearly visible. When you open the package, a faint scent is the only evidence of berry. But they deep within the dough, giving you a taste of fruity natural (and organic!) blueberry goodness. The ingredients claim it has numerous organic berries in it instead of berry flavoring like other brands. So that is also a plus! I know “FlaxPlus” sounds like some diet food that will make you loose ten pounds within a week, but these things tasted epic!

He Needs A Waffle

Before work, i run two of these through the toaster and load these bad boys with a knife full of peanut butter as i am walking out the door. How do you like your waffles?

And speaking of waffles, don’t forget about out waffle/pancake contest!!

Waffle-Loving Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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