SuperFoodz # 7- Tomatoes

Tomatoes. Ah how they amaze me. These bright red rubies of a fruit are compatible with just about any dish. And as I was deciding the super food for today’s Friday Superfoods, I noticed my fridge suddenly stocked full of them, not realizing I had bought so many until I recalled my last grocery store visit.But

I don’t regret buying so many, for these are some of the best foods to work with. But lets go back in time to when people hated tomatoes. I know. Hard to believe, isn’t it? But early in time, tomatoes we thought to cause tumors and other extreme health hazards. Tomatoes were not even eaten in the US until the early 1800s, when an eccentric New Jersey gentleman Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson brought them back from a trip overseas. Always one to take advantage of a dramatic opportunity, he announced an amazing display of courage would take place on September 26, 1820. He shocked his hometown of Salem by consuming and entire basket of tomatoes in front of a crowd of spectators, expecting him to keel over any second.

So what benefits do these wonderfully delicious fruits have? Besides high amounts of vitamins C and A, they also contain iron, calcium, and potassium. The pigment that makes tomatoes red is called lycopene which is an antixidant and can get rid of free radical cells in your body. You know. Like acne and cancer and stuff.

So with all this being said, what should we make today? Hmm…well tomatoes can be used in so many things, so this is a rather tough one. From small parts of a dish like ketchup or sauces, to a side like slices on a sandwich, to the main dish like tomato soup. So many choices! Well I am going to experiment tonight and I will come up with something simple yet delicious by tomorrow! So come back then for something simple, yet amazingly delicious! Tomato Health Freax Unite! -Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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