Sugar coated…..

Sugar! Some people consider is a gift from God. This sweetener of choice is not only delicious, but it is also cheap. But health-wise, it is low in nutrition. And not only that, but it is actually officially considered a drug! That’s right, like nicotine and all that. Sugar not only has the addictive properties to have you crave more and more though your brain tells you not to, but it also has the side affects of raising your adrenaline levels. Lets face it. We are all druggies here.

So as we add more and more of this popular sweetener to our food, it is showing up on almost every label in stores across America. Labeled as anything from dextrose to corn syrup, sugars can be found in anything from ketchup to frozen pizzas!

As we eat more and more sugar each day, our taste buds slowly begin to dull. As they do, sweet things no longer taste as sweet. You crave more and more of it to fill your satisfaction and it ends up being multiple times what you should have had. If you attempt to go a single day without sugar, you begin to dream about sweet foods and it seems endless. This not only may cause obesity, but may also cause you to be lethargic.

Now the cure for sugar addiction is simple, yet may be difficult for some. You simply just eat healthier. Salads are one of my favorite sugar detoxes. They are full of nutrients in most cases, and make you feel so much better for eating them. Also avoid extremely salt foods. They cause severe sugar cravings.

Quitting sugar is just like quitting anything else (smoking, alcohol, chocolate, etc.). You may not get it at first. But staying away from excess sweeteners and sweetening things naturally may be one of the best ways to quit. Once you quit your tongue will be more sensitive to taste and therefore you will crave less sugar as well as be able to taste all the complex flavors in your food!

Sugar-Quitting Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “Sugar coated…..

  1. Of course, I can’t lie and say I don’t use sugar.. since you probably have witnessed it on my blog and all… but I did do 30 days without, and try to be aware.

    1. 30 days without. Wow. I am a vegan baker who is experimenting and trying to open up a mail-order vegan cookie business so, my sugar intake is kinda high. I think i need to get off my addiction. Wish me luck!

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