SuperFoodz # 6- Avocados

Hey guys! Its super food Friday again and as I was trying to figure out what to do for today’s post, I thought of trying something a little bit on the fatty side. No not cheeseburger and fries fatty. I am talking about healthy fats that come from good whole foods and are essential to our bodies every day production. So what better a good fat than the humble avocado?

Now when you think avocado, you think of a big green vegetable with a large brown pit in the middle. But oh it is so much more than that. This nutrient powerhouse is one of the ultimate foods in our world today. Not only is it incredibly high in those good fats that help our body function, but it also contains potassium, folate, and an incredibly huge dose of vitamin E. With all these fancy words, it means it helps your muscles repair, your blood pressure to remain normal, and your skin to look beautiful.

With those few things being said, avocados may be one of the best foods we can pick up from the shelf. So many ways to eat them and so little time, this tiny fruit is great in almost anything. Blend it up and use it as a substitute for mayo. Same texture, just different flavor. Also, dipping chips in good old fashion guacamole is always a great change from greasy and unhealthy dips. Some people even make ice cream out of it!

Now today I had eaten a lot of cookies from my oatmeal chocolate brownie recipe. And I mean a LOT of cookie dough. How can something so good be so bad for you? Not as bad for you as other foods, but still. Even the healthiest of cookies should be eaten in moderation. So for my recipe today, I decided to go with something simple: A salad

Now I really do not like salads. Being a vegan, that is what I have to eat sometimes at restaurants with no other choice and I tend to get tired of them. But when you are not feeling your best, just throw some of those excellent avocados in with some spinach and carrots that you sliced with a knife (grate them and they look too uniform. No two carrots should look alike) and you have yourself a great cure for that after cookie guilt.

Avocado Health Freax Unite!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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