Most important meal of the day…..

Hello everyone! This morning as i sat down to enjoy a delicious breakfast, i was wondering what i should post about today. As i sat pondering the many possibilities, the small bowl in front of me struck me with an idea. Making so many posts on so many different meals, why not try the most important one in the world?: Breakfast.

Ah Breakfast. Not only deemed as the most important, but also ranking as my favorite. I love cooking breakfast and being a morning person, i am easily available to before work. The key to a good breakfast is something that will give you enough energy and strength to complete your many tasks set ahead of you.  Best way to do this? Well, i would probably go with protein and complex carbs! Things that will give you strength, while holding off your hunger until lunch.

So i would like to dedicate this post to the wondrous food known as groats. Groats are grains that are shaped like seeds, but taste naturally sweeter and have a blissfully chewy texture. I first fell in love with groats during a trip to Seattle at a small crumpet shop in Pikes Place Market. Every since that small bowl of groats and currents in a pool of steamed soy milk, i had been looking for them for the longest time. But then just yesterday at a trip to my local whole foods store, there they where!

I went ahead and stocked em in a jar. This jar is only a pound of them!:

So onto my recipe! These things are not hard to cook at all. All you need for optimum groatylitiousness is a bowl, a microwave, some water or your favorite milk, and then the option of worlds of possibilities. So here is my groat creation!:


1/2 c. Groats

1/4 c. milk (i used rice milk)

1. tbsp. peanut butter

2.tbsp. raisins

-Mix together everything into a small bowl.

-Microwave on high for 2 min.


Well that wasn’t too hard, now was it? The peanut butter in mine kind of added a creamy effect to it, so it made it that much better!! But you dont have to go by my recipe. With thousands of possibilities and only $1.79 for a pound of it (which equals about 4 cups), you will be eating this wonderful breakfast treat for days! And dont worry about counting calories, because it is actually good for you too. So go on! Find some groats! Don’t just take my word for it.

Groat-Eating Health Freax Unite!!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “Most important meal of the day…..

  1. what kind of places have them? they look reeeeeeally good.

    1. Most whole foods stores or even Kroger carries them. I buy it in bulk at whole foods. That’s how i got a pound for less than $2.

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