Radial Review ;D/Pancake contest

Well this is the second part of my “Hurry up….and wait” post. My dad had some problems with pain in his chest and now has what the doctors are calling a “floating rib”. But he is doing excellent! They are going to scan him and do some tests tonight, but i wont be able to go up with him for this trip because i need to sleep. I have work early tomorrow morning.

Well anyway, this is a health food blog so i minus well act like it. Today, i once again went to a restaurant favorite of mine: Radial .  This odd atlanta restaurant looks like an old warehouse on the outside, but the inside opens up to a diner with lunch specials written on a white board.

Radial's Orange-Pistachio Pancakes

Today’s special as far as vegan goes, was an orange pistachio pancake. Without syrup, the entire flavor profile changed on me. It had that sweet hint to it from the orange that rested in it, but it also had a spice that tingled on the tongue. I was unable to figure out what it was but the savory aspect of this dish made it stand out among any pancake i have ever tasted. The orange and green colors kind of surprised me and i didn’t know whether to think Christmas vs Halloween or Jalapeno and cheddar, but one bite of this thing made me want to scarf down the entire plate. But i decided to save half of it for tomorrow morning….you know….so i can have something awesome for breakfast before work. =D

Dad's Fish N' Grits

My dad, after being tested both physiclly and in patience through the whole hospital scene, went for the fish and grits. He was very pleased with it. I didn’t see much to it being a vegan, but he said that it was worth the wait.


So anyway, the lunch was excellent. Onto the contest. I would love to make a couple of orange and pistachio pancakes myself and post the recipe, but these things were just too good for me to even want to try to recreate. But with this strange combination that married so well, i thought that you guys could probably come up with something even better! Post a comment giving me your odd combination for a pancake. Post them by September 22nd, and i will make recipes out of the top finalists. So lets see what you can come up with! Pancake Health Freax, Unite!!

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “Radial Review ;D/Pancake contest

  1. blueberry, ground beef, and avacado.
    mango and spinach.
    chocolate, rice, and peas.
    strawberry and bell pepper.


  2. I once attempted peach & pecan pancakes but (partly due to having to make them gluten-free) they failed pretty miserably. I still think it sounds good. Perhaps you would have more luck!

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