SuperFoodz#4- Green Tea

Hello fellow health freax. Its SuperFoodz Friday once again, and today we are deciding to talk about something that has been know to have health benefits since ancient China! No, not white rice. I’m talking about green tea.

Most of the SuperFoodz I post on this site are very low in calories, but this one has none at all! That’s right. Pure green tea with nothing in it can be drunk all day without any sort of caloric intake for those of you watching your figure. Now some people like to mix it up a bit with a little cream and a little sugar. A Grande (or medium) Green Tea Latte at Starbucks has about 190 calories.

Loose Leaf Green Tea

Now I have heard rumors of green tea being a “bad” thing with it having a higher caffeine level than coffee. Now this myth has been proven false and though I am a coffee drinker myself, I would much more often recommend green tea for those looking for their morning kick to start of the day. Coffee has an average of 80mg of caffeine per 8oz cup, while green tea only has about 20. And the type of caffeine is different too. Not only is it a lot more stable in which give you a calmer energy than the jittery buzz that coffee effects some with, but it also has both a caffeine and antioxidant property to boost your metabolism!

So let go back to the whole antioxidant thing. The antioxidants in this beautiful drink derived from a leaf, can also help keep those free radical cells in order that cause cancer and other diseases. So forget the old “Apple a day keep the doctor away”. Try a cup of green tea, and see what your next check up says. And not only do you have to drink it alone, but it can be replaced for water in anything from rice to a smoothie.

Well, a question we might ask ourselves is what green tea should we buy at the store? Well my friends, there are many different forms of tea, but the top two you will most likely find are loose leaf and then there is the type that you see in the little paper packets that makes for an easy dip into warm water. While this convenience is excellent, I would recommend loose leaf tea. Loose leaf is a bit higher quality and has more of the nutrients that make it as great as it is, while the small individual bags are made up of what’s left over. Loose leaf is a bit more on the budget, but not by much and it is well worth the investment. You may want to try buying in bulk as well because once you try it, you may end up hooked.

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


2 thoughts on “SuperFoodz#4- Green Tea

  1. Hi guy wazzup I love green tea its great for slimming down and yummy too 🙂 me im doin a 30 day fast right now but you have inspired me and im goin back vegetarian after i get done 🙂 i cant wait for your next post.

    1. Haha. Thank you. I attempt to write an article on a healthy food every friday, and then do other random food stuff every other day. I am a vegan so i know how you feel. Good luck!!

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