Sweet as…well….sugar

Is sugar vegan? What are some alternatives to sugar? Are the alternatives vegan?:

Well this is a question i have been asked more than my fair share of times. So after a while, i have finally made up a post about things sweet! This post will be one of many so be sure to keep checking back for future posts.


In most kinds of sugar. There are many companies that use bone char to extract the molasses and give it both that white color and get rid of the raw taste (like “sugar in the raw” has). It is mostly found in white cane sugar like “Domino”, “hawaiian sugar”, and most sugars you may find in the condiment station of most food stores.

Some cane sugar manufacturers like “Florida crystal” or brands that say “vegan cane sugar” do not bone char.

Sugar Beet

A type of sugar known as “beet sugar” can be used just like cane sugar accept that it does not come from a cane. It comes from a plant called a “sugar beet” and is just as sweet as cane sugar. Just about all beet sugar is vegan and they do not need bone char in order to process it.

For a small sugar list, check out this site:



And there is the ever so sweet honey. If you are not a vegan, this is an ideal sweetener of choice.  Two tablespoons of the stuff has only 60 calories and 16 grams of sugar. It is also just as sweet as granulated sugar. I am not the biggest fan of it due to me being vegan and it being a bi-product of bees (and it is not very comforting to pour stuff out of a bear’s head), but if you do buy honey , look at where it was manufactured and make sure it is somewhere relatively close to you (near by city, same state, etc.) for the benefits of it helping allergies and you helping local farmers.


Agave Plant

Agave is my favorite sweetener of choice.  Agave syrup(or agave nectar) comes from the Agave plant which are grown commercially in parts of Mexico. The leaves are used to make tequila and the sap or syrup inside of them is used to make the sweetener i love. It is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar and has a neutral taste. Its sweetness isn’t bitter like stevia, overwhelming like honey, or immediately identifiable like maple syrup. So even if you do not like the taste of honey, you may like this.

Blue Agave Syrup

It is also raw, meaning those on raw diets can have it. It is different than sugar or honey in the way that it processes through your body.  It does not spike your blood sugar and has a low glycemic index (so it is easy to process through your body). Now do not go using like crazy (though it is good raw on pancakes). It is still a sweetener and has its side effects.

So there you have it. The low down on some of the most popular sweeteners out there. I am still experimenting and discovering others, so be sure to check back for more on what i have discovered.

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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