Healthy On the Cheap

The have been so many rumors recently about things such as healthy eating, organic eating, and vegetarian eating being so expensive. Now I cannot quite compete with the 99 cent menu at Mickie D’s, but your hospital expenses for the clogging of your arteries may far outweigh anything you may be saving.

Now lets talk the grocery store. I have been through the organic section of my local grocery store and it is not pretty. But why do we need all of that processed food, organic or not? If you are on a budget and want something healthy, go for all natural. That’s right. I’m talking about the produce section.

A pound of veil usually costs $8-$9 dollars. A pound of carrots costs $0.89. A pound of bananas cost $.29-$1.00 depending on the season. A pound of frozen pizza can run you anywhere from $4-$10. A pound of tofu is $1.49 a pound. A pound of beef is usually about $2. A can of beans is only $0.89. See the difference? Eating more vegetables and fruit and less meat and packaged food can not give you energy and keep you healthy, but it can also keep your wallet full. Making meals out of nutrient dense foods can be easy and sometimes even fun! And if you do not have time, a simple salad or a leafy sandwich. Not only will it rich and antioxidants dull of the healthy stuff you need, but it will also be lower in calories and all of the additives that you don’t.

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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