Walking the dog!

When it comes to walking, very few people are fans of it (I being one of those people). Sitting around and relaxing with a nice cup of tea and a vegan cookie while watching food network is my idea of relaxing. But then one day that all changed: I got a dog.

Dogs are needy and constantly need attention. This high maintenance can sometimes be considered an inconvenience but while that may be so, it can also be a blessing. It was one of my primary motivations for actually getting out of the house and telling my two left feet to “MOVE! Come on! one foot in front of the other!”

To own a dog, it requires walking them multiple times a day. This benefits their health tremendously but can also benefit yours. As the dog forces you to get outside, it gets you off the couch and onto the street for a light work out (or intense if you deside to give up on the dog’s constant pulling and just run with it…no pun intended).

When I am on my laptop, I often get consumed into the world of cyberspace and end up spending ours either on it or watching TV. But as Lila whimpers beside the door in an indication that she needs to go out, it helps motivate me to get out of the chair and on my feet. Not only is walking your dog a great health benefit for you, but it also can keep your dog in shape and healthy. Because of Lila’s love for walking, both of our life styles have been impacted by it tremendously in a good way.

Lila Is ready for a walk!

As well as actually getting my legs moving, my dog also keeps me from being around the house where my refrigerator is calling to me, waiting for me to fix myself a huge meal that i don’t really need. Instead, i hook the leash to my dog’s collar and get out the door where my empty cravings for food can no longer harm me.

One day while i was in the kitchen, i was bored and without a new recipe. Looking down at the big brown eyes of my young pup,  I invented a dog treat for her to snack on and to give her energy for the great walks she loves so much.

Lila Bars:
Ingredients: Peanut butter, Dog food, white rice(cooked)

This recipe is very simple. All you have to do is throw it all in the food processor, grind it all together, mold it into the shape you want, and put it into the fridge for two hours.

Lila prefers crunchy peanut butter, but its all about what works for you. So make the most out of your dog (or any pet you have and would like to take for a walk). Once you get out with your pet more often, you will no longer be thinking “oh great. I have to take you out again? I walked you four hours ago” and you will be thinking “Another walk? Alright! Lets go!”. The right mind set about your pet is just another of the many ways you can get active and keep your body and our world healthy!

-Andrew D. Morrison-


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