Review: VeggieLand



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211 Pharr Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 231-3111


4.2 Stars


After going to a meeting at the Cobb Galleria with my dad, i felt incredibly hungry. I needed some food in me….NOW! So i thought about a good vegetarian option that was nearby. I remembered a friend referring a place known as “Veggieland” at one point and after looking it up, i realized it was on the way home. So i changed courses and set for Veggieland in Atlanta, GA. I arrived at 2:06pm on Thursday, July 08 2010:

As we walked into this quaint little place, the two waitresses on staff stood at the counter with incredibly wide grins on their face. They asked if we were dining in or taking our food and going. After deciding to dine in, she told us we could sit anywhere we like.


After sitting, she asked for our drinks. Due to the high summer temperatures, water was the ideal for both of us. Though the huge selection made it difficult to decide, we were ready by the time she got back:

For an appetizer, we decided to split the “Rice Paper Rolls”. For 3.50, we got two rolls of shredded romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and carrots all wrapped up in rice paper with a side of their honey ginger sauce. I must say, i was impressed. The rice paper was a bit sticky, but they somehow made this simple dish taste excellent! I did not try the honey ginger sauce, but my dad absolutely loved it so i will be sure to take his word that it was good.

Rice Paper Rolls (with Honey Ginger sauce)
House-made Veggieburger (w/ soy cheese)

For my meal, i ordered the veggieburger. I have tried many a veggie burger in my day, but none quite this unique. They hand make them with brown rice, carrots, celery, onions, rolled oats, sunflower seeds, and tapioca flour. It is then placed on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, onions, and a side of french-fried sweet potato.
This burger was delicious, and i think i ate it a bit too quickly. It was fresh and you could taste it. The fries where also good. They are not as crispy as most fries, but they were more like large steak fries. They were served with ketchup, but they stood quite well on their own.

Vegan Chili (w/ soy cheese)

My dad went simple and ordered a bowl of vegan chili. I tried a small bite and though i am not a big chili fan, it was not too bad. It was nice and warm, filled with lots of beans and topped with soy cheese. I wasn’t mush for it, but he enjoyed it incredibly. With him being a big meat eater, that is saying a lot.

So as we were about to leave, i remembered a recommendation a friend had given me about this restaurant: “Try the humming bird cake. It is amazing!” So i could not leave without one. I was too full to eat it then, so i took it to go.

Vegan Hummingbird Cake

After a few hours, voices popped into my head saying “go and eat the cake!”. I tried to ignore them as i planned to save the cake for a bit, but the urges rendered me helpless. The cake just sat there lonely in the fridge, and it needed a friend. So i grabbed a fork and devoured it.

It was vegan, but the first bit kind of made me double think. It was too good to be vegan! It was amazing! Too bad it didn’t make it to see another day.

The staff at the restaurant were incredibly nice and the atmosphere was almost like an Asian restaurant, but a little more diverse. The menu has so many different items on it whether it be the pasta with pesto or the western sandwich. And with the highest priced meal being under $8, it kept both my stomach and my wallet full!

So whether you are a vegan or just want to eat some great food that is secretly healthy, and whether you are craving something from a good meal from another origin or a vegan cake that is out of this world, i would absolutely recommend this restaurant next time you are in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.


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